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If you have a plumbing company with less than 10 employees, I think we could help each other. Let’s set up a free consultation and chat more.

Plumbing SEO is extremely important if you want to thrive in this service-based business. Customers will type in a WIDE variety of keywords in order to find the proper plumbing business, and we want to help you get there. If you look at the potential for monthly traffic, you can easily see how you can scale your plumbing business quicker and to a higher revenue number than you likely expected.

There are various primary keywords that you’ll want to rank for with plumbing SEO in order to attract more prospective customers. These are quite consistent, however, you may or may not provide these services. Take a look at a few of them to see what I’m talking about.

Primary location-based keywords include:

  • Plumbers Calgary
  • Calgary Water Softener
  • Hot water tank Calgary
  • Garburator Calgary
  • Emergency Plumber Calgary
  • Drain Cleaning Calgary
  • Toilet repair Calgary
  • Bathtub replacement Calgary

and many more.

These are very specific plumbing-related inquiries. However, after working in the industry for some time, I know that most plumbing companies crossover into heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and some other services as well. So you will also want to focus on those terms with just as much focus as the plumbing-related terms.

Each one of these terms drives a certain amount of search volume monthly. As you start building up your online authority, Google will start to trust your plumbing company more. This is the key to a solid plumber SEO.

For example, ‘plumbing Calgary’ is searched for on Google around 1000 times each month. These are all local-specific searches and your SEO strategy should also be locally focused. As a plumbing SEO company, we will optimize each of these pages and use our secret sauce to rank your plumbing services over the top of other plumbing companies.

Internet marketing is a competitive space, so you need to have dedicated plumber marketing services in order to compete with some of these commercial and corporate plumbing companies.

Contact us for Calgary-specific plumbing Search engine optimization services.


Why Do You Need Plumber SEO Services?

The primary benefit of online marketing and SEO for your plumbing business is to increase website visibility and generate more leads. However, there are many other benefits as well.

These are leads that go directly to your plumbing services website after they type in a keyword related to what you’re selling on Google, Google Maps, or Bing.

Our plumber SEO strategy focuses on getting you into the top 3 search engine rankings to reach the maximum number of potential clients, as this is proven to generate more clicks than any other ranking. Data and Google analytics show that people most often click on the first 3 results when searching.

plumber SEO


How We Do SEO for Plumbers

Most companies do not have a plan or timetable when it comes to local SEO for plumbing, but we are different. We put thought and effort into helping you succeed with more Google results. The plumbing industry requires strong keyword rankings all around with solid technical SEO, and we make sure that happens within a reasonable timeline.

The Right Keyword Research for Plumbing Companies

Improper keyword research is one of the biggest mistakes I see when looking at plumber SEO. Any type of plumber SEO strategy is based on good data and research.

Most plumbing SEO companies go after the keyword “location + plumbing” in order to optimize their website ranking on the home page. Even though this is a high-volume term that people search for when looking for a plumbing website, there are SO MANY additional keywords you could target that would contribute to your local plumber SEO efforts.

Customers will search for specific services, and if you’re not optimizing for these specific services + locations then you are missing out on customers that are further down the funnel and ready to buy. For example, something like “toilet repair Calgary” is very specific, and you should have a dedicated page optimized for ranking that term as long as there is enough keyword search volume to justify the return on investment.

The entire strategy is holistic. You must optimize the whole website as well as each page individually, according to search engine optimization. They need additional material to assist one another.

This means supporting pieces of content that will also lift your main keywords throughout the entire plumbing industry for successful SEO campaigns.

This includes a consistent blog post strategy targeting specific questions that customers might ask. This way you can have an informational type website to enhance your service-based content. Google will see you as more of an authority and trust you more. The end result is that you will be shown at the top of the results for your commercial-based keywords that drive the most revenue.

Site Structure for Your Local SEO

If you want to rank for a certain keyword, then that keyword needs to be included on the page you are trying to rank. For example, let’s say you own a plumbing business and optimize your website for the keyword “garburator + location.” In order for your website to appear when someone searches for that phrase, there must be a page on your site specifically about “garburator + location”.

We’ll provide the greatest practical site structure based on our study, and we can handle all of the writing, updating, and design modifications so you don’t have to deal with anyone else.

We may also need to restructure the way that your website is presented to the Google algorithm, which is aimed at increasing your user conversion as well.

Google recognizes a very specific site structure for plumber SEO to make sure your plumbing business is the best possible option to show at the top of the search engines.

Plumber SEO services take a lot of work to rank in the organic search results for the correct target audience. Local search strategies and SEO efforts need a full SEO campaign.

Service Pages for Your Plumbing Business – Search Engine Optimization

One of the first things we will accomplish as your plumber SEO company is optimizing your service pages. This includes your home page.

To help your website pages rank highly on Google, we use different methods that might involve editing or completely changing the text on your website. However, we also employ a range of optimization techniques.

All you have to know is that we can assist you rank higher on Google for your most important terms on your website, resulting in more bookings and clientele.

We also include much more that will help you rank better on Google:

  • Backlink fixes
  • Link Building
  • Google Business Profile
  • 3-Pack Map Ranking Optimization
  • Technical issues
  • All on-page SEO
  • All off-page SEO
  • etc.

Plumber SEO Marketing Secret Sauce

As a plumbing SEO company, we have come to realize that some techniques work better than others. We can easily identify these gaps between your plumbing business and your competitor’s local SEO efforts and beat them.

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