Pest Control SEO strategies that help businesses grow faster.

We are a pest control SEO company that will increase your traffic and leads through search engine optimization and drives more qualified customers to your website.


Hard problems we’re solving for Pest Control Companies.

Rank for more keywords. Bring in more traffic. Upgrade your website. Drive conversions. As an SEO agency, ME SEO can help you grow your brand, engage your audience, and get the possible ROI for your digital strategy.

“I need more qualified leads.”

“Why am I no longer ranking for certain keywords?”

“Our website traffic DROPPED significantly!”

“My competitors are ranking number 1 on Google, how can I beat them?”

“I’m looking for an agency that can provide me with a better ROI on my SEO spend.”

“I’m not ranking on Google for essential industry keywords.”

“I’ve been burned by another agency before, and still need help with my website.”

“I don’t have time to do my marketing.”

“We don’t have visibility into activities and results.”

“I need to rank higher for local searches.”

I need someone I can trust with my digital marketing.”

“I read one of your blog posts about SEO and we want to get started now.”


We want your business to succeed.

Pest control is one of the most underserved industries on Google. There is a high volume of searches and the competition is lagging behind in terms of pest control SEO. This is one of my favourite industries to work in search engine optimization because of how much impact I can make on a business that is struggling to bring in new customers and compete with the others online.

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Website Audits

You get an extremely in-depth analysis of where you currently are on the search engine results pages. Think of a map with a “you are here” label. While the reports are many pages, we distill them down so you or anyone can read them with ease.

Actionable insights from competitor analysis

Keyword research & entity analysis

Deep Backlink Audit and gap analysis

Technical Audit

Content Marketing

Semantic SEO and entities are going to be the future of ranking higher on search engines. You need to be an authority on a topic and expressing that through content is one of the only ways an algorithm can give you that credit. Hire an SEO company in Calgary that can achieve this.

Updating previous non-performing content

New focused content to drive leads

Google will view you as an authority in your space

Increase your traffic and potential for revenue

Link Building

Link building is difficult to do correctly and at scale. Our SEO company takes a modern approach to link building that will get you high-quality referral traffic from industry-relevant sources

Increase your authority score with Google organically over time

Acquire links that will bring actual traffic to your site

Build relationships with resources that can bring you customers

Improve your trustworthiness with search engines

Local SEO

Think back to the last time you used a “near me” search. It was very likely recent and often results in a purchase of a local service or product. Local SEO is completely different than other types of SEO and online marketing.

Rank higher on Google Maps with your Google Business Profile

Reputation management

Increase your digital footprint locally

Get more local customers without just banking on proximity

Pest Control SEO

Pest control SEO is extremely important if you want to thrive in this service-based business. Customers will type in a WIDE variety of keywords in order to find a the proper extermination business, and we want to help you get there. If you look at the potential for monthly traffic, you can easily see how you can scale your pest control business quicker and to a higher revenue number than you likely expected.

There are a variety of main keywords you will want to rank for in order to acquire more potential clients. These are generally the same across the board but you may or may not offer these services. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Primary keywords include:

  • Pest control Calgary
  • Exterminator Calgary
  • Wasp exterminator near me
  • Bed bug exterminator
  • Commercial pest control
  • Mice exterminator Calgary
  • Skunk removal Calgary
  • Vole control Calgary

and many more.

For each city, there will be more common keywords, and for diverse pest control companies, you may wish to concentrate on certain services. On average, each of these search phrases receives a monthly volume of searches. Learn more about our SEO services in Calgary.

For example, ‘pest control Calgary’ is searched for on Google around 1900 times each month. What we do to increase your website’s traffic is optimize landing pages for these terms and similar ones too. By doing this, your pest control website has a greater chance of appearing as the top result on Google. We can use this same method for other relevant search terms as well.

That said, it’s not as simple as that. There are a number of distinct elements that go into ranking your Google page at the top, and this means competing with other pest control companies doing the same thing.

Why Do You Need Pest Control SEO Services?

There are many benefits of SEO for your pest control company, but the primary reason is to increase website visibility and generate more leads.

These are leads that go directly to your pest control services website after they type in a keyword related to what you’re selling on Google, Google Maps, or Bing.

You want to be in the top 3 search engine results to maximize the number of potential clients you can get. Data and Google analytics show that people click on the first 3 results more often than any other ranking. This is the crux of our pest control SEO strategy and maximizing your visibility in Google searches.

pest control SEO

How We Formulate Your Pest Control SEO Campaign

We take a different approach when it comes to local SEO for pest control companies; we have a plan and timetable in place to help you get more Google results.

The Right Keyword Research for Pest Control Companies

This is one of the biggest mistakes I see when looking at pest control SEO. Any type of pest control SEO strategy is based on good data and research.

Most pest control companies and digital marketing businesses primarily pursue the keyword “location + pest control” in order to optimize their website ranking. Even though this is a high-volume term that people search for when looking for exterminators, there are SO MANY additional keywords you could target that would contribute to your local pest control SEO efforts.

Customers will search for specific services, and if you’re not optimizing for these specific services + locations then you are missing out on customers that are further down the funnel and ready to buy. For example, something more specific like “vole control Calgary” is very specific, and you should have a dedicated page optimized for ranking that term.

Search engine optimization is a holistic practice. You need to do pest control SEO for the entire website as well as page by page specifically. They need to prop each other up with supporting content.

This means supporting pieces of content that will also lift your main keywords throughout the entire pest control industry for successful SEO campaigns.

Site Structure for Your Pest Control Company

Each page should have a direct purpose for gaining organic traffic. If you are looking to rank for “mice exterminator + location” at your pest control company, then you need to have a page that is optimized for mice exterminator + location to capture that traffic.

We’ll provide the greatest practical site structure based on our study, and we can handle all of the writing, updating, and design modifications so you don’t have to deal with anyone else.

Google recognizes a very specific site structure for pest control SEO to make sure your pest control company is the best possible option to show at the top of the search engines. Include all your pest control services on a separate page and category.

Pest control SEO services and exterminator SEO takes a lot of work to rank in the organic search results for the correct target audience. Local search strategies and SEO efforts need a full SEO campaign.

Service Pages for Pest Control Companies – Ranking at the top of Search Engines

One of the first things we will accomplish as your pest control SEO company is optimizing your service pages. This includes your home page.

To enhance your web pages and improve your chances of ranking in Google’s first three spots, we employ a variety of methods. This might mean editing, adding new material, or completely revamping the existing text on your website. However, it also includes a wide range of optimization that you don’t have to worry about unless you’re interested.

All you have to know is that we can assist you rank higher on Google for your most important terms on your website, resulting in more bookings and clientele.

We also include much more that will help you rank better on Google:

  • Backlink fixes
  • Link Building
  • Google Business Profile
  • 3-Pack Map Ranking Optimization
  • Technical issues
  • All on-page SEO
  • All off-page SEO
  • etc.

Pest Control SEO Marketing Secret Sauce

As a pest control SEO company, we have come to realize that some techniques work better than others. We can easily identify these gaps between your pest control website and your competitor’s local SEO efforts and beat them.