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Lawyer SEO can be tricky, and you want to make sure you are competing while remaining completely ethical and maintaining the legal requirements for marketing your law firm website in Canada.

Law firm SEO is a competitive space, the top digital marketing companies and local SEO experts are working to increase the search engine results for these law firms across Canada.

I highly recommend sitting down with us and going over the roadmap for success in improving your rankings and also to see if we are a potential Law Firm SEO agency that can work with you. We may be unable to collaborate with your firm since we don't compete against our present clients. Please feel free to inquire, and we'll let you know.

There are a variety of main keywords you will want to rank for in order to acquire more potential clients. These are generally the same across the board but you may or may not offer these services. Let's take a look at a few of them.

Some examples include:

  • Real estate lawyer Calgary
  • Divorce lawyer Calgary
  • Calgary criminal lawyer
  • Employment lawyer Calgary
  • Family Lawyer Calgary
  • Will lawyer Calgary
  • etc.

For different locations there will be more prevalent keywords. Each one of these search terms gets a monthly volume of searches on average. For example Calgary criminal lawyer gets approximately 1900 searches on Google every single month (give or take). What we do is optimize landing pages for these terms (and variations), so that your law firm website shows up at the top of Google. We can rinse and repeat this process for each of these search terms. Please check out our specific Calgary SEO services available here.

That being said, it's not that simple. There are many different pieces that are involved in ranking your page at the top of Google, and that means competing with other law firms doing the same.


Why Do You Need Lawyer SEO?

The primary reason you want to invest in SEO for your law firm's website is so that more potential customers can find your site through search engines.

These are warm leads going directly to your website after showing intent by typing in a keyword phrase into the search box on Google, Google Maps, or Bing.

More often than not, potential customers who don't have a lawyer or are looking for a new lawyer will search on Google and click one of the top 3 options available to them.

You want to be in the top 3 search engine results to maximize the number of potential clients you can get. Data and Google analytics show that people click on the first 3 results more often than any other ranking. This is the crux of SEO for lawyers and maximizing your visibility in Google search.

How We Do Lawyer SEO Services

We approach lawyer SEO differently; we have a strategy and timetable in place to improve your search engine prominence.

The Right Keyword Research for Law Firm SEO

This is one of the biggest mistakes I see when looking at lawyer SEO. Any type of law firm SEO marketing is based on good data and research.

What I often see is digital marketing companies going after the keyword "location + lawyer" and doing everything they can to optimize for this keyword. While this is the most important and highest volume search term, you need to dig deeper for law firm seo.

Customers will search for specific services, and if you're not optimizing for these specific services + locations then you are missing out on customers that are further down the funnel and ready to buy.

Search engine optimization is a holistic practice. You need to do law firm SEO for the entire website as well as page by page specifically. They need to prop each other up with supporting content.

This means supporting pieces of content that will also lift your main keywords.

Site Structure for your Law Firms Search Engine Optimization

Each page should have a direct purpose for gaining organic traffic. If you looking to rank for "family lawyer + location" at your law firm, then you need to have a page that is optimized for family lawyer + location to capture that traffic.

Based on our research, we will provide the best possible site structure, and we can do all the writing, updating, and design adjustments so you don't need to go back and forth with anyone else.

Google recognizes a very specific site structure for law firm SEO to make sure your law firm's website is the best possible option to show at the top of the search engines. Include all your law firm's services on a separate page and category.

Law firm SEO services and attorney SEO takes a lot of work to rank in the organic search results for the correct target audience. Local search strategies and SEO efforts need a full SEO campaign.

Service Pages for Law Firms - Ranking at the top of Search Engines

One of the first things we will accomplish with your law firm SEO marketing strategy is optimizing your service pages. This includes your home page.

We take several measures to improve your web pages and maximize your chance of ranking in Google's top three results. This might imply editing, adding new, or completely re-writing the current text on your website. But also includes so much more optimization you don't need to worry about the specifics unless you're interested.

All you need to know is that we can help you rank better on Google for your top keywords on your web page that will drive more bookings and clients to your law firm.

We also include much more that will help you rank better on Google:

  • Backlink fixes
  • Link Building
  • Google Business Profile
  • 3-Pack Map Ranking Optimization
  • Technical issues
  • All on-page SEO
  • All off-page SEO
  • etc.

Law Firm SEO Marketing Secret Sauce

As a law firm SEO company, we have come to realize that some techniques work better than others. We can easily identify these gaps between your law firm website and your competitor's law firm SEO.

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