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We are a Calgary SEO company that will increase your traffic and leads through search engine optimization and drives more qualified customers to your website.


Hard problems we’re solving for businesses.

Rank for more keywords. Bring in more traffic. Upgrade your website. Drive conversions. As an SEO agency, ME SEO can help you grow your brand, engage your audience, and get the possible ROI for your digital strategy.

“I need more qualified leads.”

“Why am I no longer ranking for certain keywords?”

“Our website traffic DROPPED significantly!”

“My competitors are ranking number 1 on Google, how can I beat them?”

“I’m looking for an agency that can provide me with a better ROI on my SEO spend.”

“I’m not ranking on Google for essential industry keywords.”

“I’ve been burned by another agency before, and still need help with my website.”

“I don’t have time to do my marketing.”

“We don’t have visibility into activities and results.”

“I need to rank higher for local searches.”

I need someone I can trust with my digital marketing.”

“I read one of your blog posts about SEO and we want to get started now.”


We want your business to succeed.

We also believe in affordability. As a small or medium-sized business, you don’t have the budget to throw at expensive digital campaigns that don’t get results. You need digital marketing services that are reasonably priced and ultimately effective. We constantly take a look at the issues confronting businesses online from fresh perspectives in order to find creative, diverse seo strategies and solutions to our client’s problems.

CMOs and marketing teams

Trust marketers when it comes to your online strategy. We act as an extension of your own team and can get you quality outcomes with your search engine optimization.

Self-employed professionals, doctors, lawyers, dentists, or consultants

Trust marketers when it comes to your online strategy. We act as an extension of your own team and can get you quality outcomes with your SEO campaigns.

Entrepreneurs, startups, and local business owners

Trust marketers when it comes to your search engine optimization. We act as an extension of your own team and can get you quality outcomes with your SEO services.

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Website Audits

You get an extremely in-depth analysis of where you currently are on the search engine results pages. Think of a map with a “you are here” label. While the reports are many pages, we distill them down so you or anyone can read them with ease.

Actionable insights from competitor analysis

Keyword research & entity analysis

Deep Backlink Audit and gap analysis

Technical Audit

Content Marketing

Semantic SEO and entities are going to be the future of ranking higher on search engines. You need to be an authority on a topic and expressing that through content is one of the only ways an algorithm can give you that credit. Hire an SEO company in Calgary that can achieve this.

Updating previous non-performing content

New focused content to drive leads

Google will view you as an authority in your space

Increase your traffic and potential for revenue

Link Building

Link building is difficult to do correctly and at scale. Our SEO company takes a modern approach to link building that will get you high-quality referral traffic from industry-relevant sources

Increase your authority score with Google organically over time

Acquire links that will bring actual traffic to your site

Build relationships with resources that can bring you customers

Improve your trustworthiness with search engines

Local SEO

Think back to the last time you used a “near me” search. It was very likely recent and often results in a purchase of a local service or product. Local SEO is completely different than other types of SEO and online marketing.

Rank higher on Google Maps with your Google Business Profile

Reputation management

Increase your digital footprint locally

Get more local customers without just banking on proximity

Calgary SEO Services

Hey Calgary. My name is Matt Edward. I help you get your business website to the top of Google for important searches your customers are making every day. 

There are a number of great search engine optimization services in Calgary, but you should be wary of someone making a guarantee of results in a short time frame. While there are times when quick results can be achieved, this is not always the case.

Search engine optimization is an umbrella term that contains a wide variety of approaches with the intent of achieving the same results. 

The result is having your web page show up first on search engines like Google when customers are trying to find a business like yours. 

Different types of Calgary businesses need different approaches to their Calgary SEO, and often these types of search engine optimization crossover. 

That being said, when you search for Calgary search engine optimization, you are generally looking for local SEO services and you are a local business hoping to get your site in front of customers in your local area searching for services or products. 

You likely fit into one of two buckets: 

  • You have one/multiple physical locations and sell products and/or services. 
  • You don’t have a physical location and sell products or services. 

Ranking your local businesses website on Google can be difficult and extremely time-consuming but it can be the difference between surviving and thriving as a business. 

“Insert quote about how many percentages of customers get to find things through phone or internet.” – This is not a placeholder, I just think it’s funny every search engine optimization company includes this on their SEO consulting pages.

I’ve worked for a variety of different internet marketing agencies and SEO companies over the years since 2014 when I started. 

One marketing strategy that I often see from large agencies is outsourcing services and hiring young people who have actually never ranked a web page in their life. They tout the best calgary SEO services and claim to be Calgary SEO experts, but this rarely results in the online visibility you want.

They depend on training, which is fine, but it creates a ton of turnover and you can’t guarantee who is actually doing the SEO for your business. 

This is what makes my Calgary SEO services unique. I am self-employed and do all the work myself. I only take on as many clients as I can handle, and you get to deal with me specifically. 

Calgary SEO

How Does Your Calgary Business Win Search Engine Optimization? 

The first thing to understand is that Google doesn’t rank websites, they rank web pages. Don’t get me wrong, the search results pages have expanded to include videos, images, recipes, map locations, products/services, snippets of web pages, and more. 

Your homepage is just a page. And when someone searches for your brand specifically your home page will likely come up at the top. That SHOULD happen. 

But you want pages on your site to show up for more than when someone just searches for your brand name. 

You want to be the first result when a potential customer searches for a service or product you offer. 

But how? 

How do you make it so you show up first? 

You can’t just make a website and expect to show up when someone searches for a service you offer. Not anymore. You need to hit a variety of different signals that prove to Google that your business is the best result to show the potential customer. Or else they won’t show you in the search engine rankings at all. 

This is the disconnect. Many companies still don’t have an SEO strategy and expect their work will prove itself. As an SEO services company, Matt Edward SEO is here to fill that gap.

So what are the different ways that you can prove to Google you deserve to be at the very top of the results? And how do you start? 

Although Google has never disclosed which signals they use to rank web pages and businesses, we can get a pretty good idea by studying years of data. I also like to follow the Pareto principle, in which 80% of your results come from 20% of the signals. Sometimes search engine optimization experts will focus on the wrong end of this spectrum, which is a waste of time and money.

The Right Type of Keyword Research 

The process of figuring out what people are searching for related to your business, how often it happens, and the actual intent behind those search queries.

People are typing stuff into search engines like Google to find answers to questions, to look for products, to do research, to get ideas, to fill a need, or just boredom. 

Tools have allowed us to get a ballpark on how often this happens on a monthly basis. 

This is huge. Also, we can cross-reference with Google Search Console and Google Analytics data.

This means you can start putting some numbers and math behind your search engine marketing and focus on the areas that matter most to your customers. 

For example, someone might search for “SEO Calgary”. There could be a few different reasons why this might be the case. Maybe they are looking for SEO services, maybe they are looking for SEO companies in Calgary to partner with for the services they have, maybe they are looking to sell to SEO companies, etc. 

How do you find out the intent? 

Do a quick Google search. Look at the top results. Google has already categorized what they feel is the best results for this type of search. (For now anyways) This will provide you with the intent. 

Google has decided that marketing companies that have an SEO services page are the correct type of page to show for this result. They also show something called the map pack which are Google Business Profile listings with a map style layout. 

There really is an art to keyword research. This is where I feel like my skills as an SEO expert are unique compared to some of the agencies in Calgary. 

I won’t name names, but I have seen several packages delivered by a Calgary SEO agency, and the time and effort put into the keyword research are minimal. SEO clients deserve more.

SEO services require thought, and some abstract thinking to find low competition high-value keywords and searches that can bring you revenue immediately. 

Okay so great. We found a keyword. Now what? 

Once you’ve determined the intent, you want to create content that will satisfy the intent of the search. This could mean text, images, video, or any type of media you can put on a web page that will help the consumer get the desired result. 

“…Help the consumer get the desired result.”

It’s not about checking boxes as much as it is helping the user reach their goal. But using this data to support your decisions is paramount. 

On-Page Optimization 

The process of matching the intent of the search with the best possible text, videos, and/or images on the web. 

You may be competing with thousands of web pages and businesses that are also trying to rank their website at the top of Google for that term specifically. You want to make sure you have original, helpful content that will satisfy the customer for whatever they’re searching for. 

I’m trying to rank this page for “SEO Calgary”—So, I’ve put all my time and effort into figuring out what I could put on this page to make the searcher happy. 

My process is what I’m explaining now. I’m also educating a bit so you can be sure what to expect from how I work. 

I tend to brainstorm ideas, but doing even more keyword research can help you determine what questions the searcher needs to be answered. 

Also, my favourite way to figure out what is best on the page is to look at the other pages that are currently ranking on page one. Make sure to include that type of information and content, while also maintaining a unique angle and delivering original content. 

What did I find? I found 21 different pieces I need to fulfill in order to maximize my chances of ranking for this query.

This page has commercial intent behind it. Someone searching for local Calgary SEO is generally looking to do research or purchase SEO services from a company located here in Cowtown. 

Looking at the competition is hugely important. 

Copying and plagiarizing is never the answer, but making sure you include your own unique version of these pieces will be the difference maker. Google has already given its vote for what they think are the best results. 

There are many other aspects and signals Google takes into account. You could have all of this content on the page and it could be awesome, but if you have 100 1-star reviews, you might not get shown. 

Many SEO’s neglect on-page optimization for the technical stuff. You need capable, experienced copywriters as well as professional content creators and some SEOs don’t know how to do that or need to outsource it. 

At times this makes sense, but I have the experience and knowledge with past work to get you a top-tier result in all of these areas without outsourcing. You can trust the result. 

E-A-T | Expertise, Authority, and Trust. 

Do you have the credentials, certifications, social proof, portfolio, and testimonials to make you an authority on a given topic? 

Expertise definition – Expert skill or knowledge in a particular field 

Authority definition – Power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behaviour. 

Trust definition – Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. 

For example, you probably won’t want a dentist who went to clown college and never practiced dentistry. You want to know that this person is a recognized and established member of the community and has the proper certifications to provide this type of product or service. 

That goes for everything. 

Even SEO. 

Your social profiles like LinkedIn or links to your team’s social profiles can also help establish EAT. 

There are a number of things you can do to improve your EAT with search engines, these are just a few. But this is built into our SEO strategy to ensure you get the best results as soon as possible. 

Off-Page Optimization 

Part of off-page optimization is acquiring links back to your website from other relevant websites. You can look at them like an upvote for your website. 

When a site of high authority carries relevance to your industry or business and links to your website, Google counts that as a vote for your site. These are called backlinks. 

Links are not created equal. Generally the easier they are to acquire, the less value they carry. 

So how do we help you get links back to your website that increase your authority with Google? 

Many different ways and this is one of those areas where I’m more tight-lipped because I have developed a variety of strategies I don’t necessarily want to share with my competitors. 

It takes creativity to build high-value links and it takes time, but it’s important not to buy into the more links = better-ranking narrative. More relevant high authority links = better rankings. 

Technical SEO 

Something is missing in Calgary SEO. 

You need an expert who will not affect your rankings negatively when they take over. You may have already built some authority with Google or other search engines. It’s very very important to maintain that authority while building upon it without making changes that will decrease your ranking. 

This can only come with experience in my opinion. I’ve seen some crazy stuff. You do not want a company that is not being honest with you to take control of your business’s presence on the web and damage your reputation with Google. 

I’ve seen many Calgary SEO companies and web design companies who promise that a re-design will not affect SEO, then I look at their results after the build and I see the organic traffic tank. I’ve seen up to 25k organic traffic drop which can absolutely hurt your business in the long term.

Technical SEO can encompass a lot of things, from website speed, website security, sitemaps, databases, server issues, robots.txt, crawling, css, js, html, and way more on top of that.

I can drive more traffic to your website from Google from searches that show buyer-intent 

I have sold a website for 5-figures because of SEO. I have helped many local customers drive more and more traffic to their websites and get them more leads. My SEO service works. I’ve worked with many different marketing agencies and realized that I have the unique experience I can apply to each client. My bosses ended up coming to me with issues and asking me to do education sessions to help them learn. This is when I realized I need to get clients of my own. It doesn’t make sense to restrict myself to my company’s rules and guides, especially when they just didn’t know what they were doing. 

Why You Need Calgary SEO

You might be using Yellow Pages for your SEO – You’re paying too much for not enough effort. 

You might be paying a large agency – They are outsourcing the SEO work for less. Almost always. Also, the most important aspects of SEO are overlooked in almost every agency I’ve worked for. 

You might be paying an SEO expert – Perfect! Although, I have seen many cases where the most basic things are being missed. 

What Problem Does Calgary SEO solve?

Not getting enough relevant traffic to your website. 

Your website is not ranking for revenue-driving search terms. 

You are missing out on customers that will generate referrals and eventually increase your revenue and bottom line. 

You are not showing up near the top of Google for your most important keywords. For example, you are on the 5th page of Google for the search “recruiters Calgary”. That’s a problem. How much business are you missing out on? 

I am proactive. I see current SEO’s banking on past work results and then coasting month to month forever. This is not the way. And you as a business owner very often have no ideas this is happening. Well, first I can tell you how to check. But I also would just like to take over and be the proactive SEO you need. 

Your website is not showing up on Google maps. 

Your current SEO is not showing you any growth over a 6-12 month period

What happens When You Don’t Do SEO?

Many times what I see is that businesses are doing well on Google Search for their own brand name, and they are paying an SEO 1k/month but only generating a few clicks from searches that are NOT the brand name. I see this ALL. THE. TIME. You SHOULD be at the top for your brand name when someone searches, you don’t need to pay anyone to do anything there. If you’re not showing up then an SEO can help but that will not take 6 months. 

You might be paying an SEO to sit around and look at your analytics and then send them to you once per month.

Your site will remain stagnant for traffic. You will not get any more leads through Google or other search engines.

What you get with Matt Edward SEO

SEO-optimized content and good copywriting which is highly overlooked among my competitors. 

  • New keyword/topical focused content every month 
  • Content calendar 
  • Deep keyword research 
  • Topical authority-driven content strategy
  • Emphasis on semantic SEO 
  • Technical SEO and clean up/optimize
  • Copywriting 
  • Schema markup / structured data implementation 
  • Link reclamation if viable 
  • Link building through journalist/publications 
  • Citation/directory building if local SEO 
  • Google Business Profile optimization 
  • Google Business Profile management 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization 
  • Internal linking strategy 
  • On-page optimization for existing content 
  • Competitor analysis 

I was paid 90k/year to do SEO for one business in-house. I will do that for much less. 

SEO work done now will compound results in the future. The more you do, the harder it is for competition to take your ranking on Google.

Imagine having to turn down business or refer it elsewhere. Some business owners are happy to have just the right amount of clients and others want to scale up. You can do either. 

But not having to worry about where clients will come from is a nice feeling.