About Matt Edward SEO

What makes me capable of being your SEO? 

  1. I have built and sold many websites from scratch, I recently sold a personal site for 5-figures and I’m growing 5 more blogs currently for selling.  
  2. I’ve worked as the lead SEO for a multi-million dollar marketing and business development company. I’ve worked for an SEO agency on the Forbes 500 list of top-growing companies.
  3. I consult and grow traffic for several local businesses including dental offices, skincare clinics, product manufacturers, technical writing service companies, construction companies, oil and gas service businesses, eCommerce companies, and more. 
  4. I have extensive web development experience with a variety of platforms like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Woocommerce, Squarespace, Webflow, and more. 
  5. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on SEO courses and training resources.
  6. I use the best SEO tools in the world to help you grow your business, this alone would save you hundreds of dollars/month of your own money.

I took sales and marketing in college, but that was back in 2006 and there were no SEO courses being taught then. I’m not completely self-taught, but my best learning has come from experiencing success and failures firsthand.

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My name is Matt Edward (it’s in my domain but still haha..) and I’m a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert. 

I do SEO to help grow your website’s traffic and increase your potential for revenue with more qualified leads. 

I put your business in front of your customers after they already show intent on buying. No waiting or trying to figure out how to get your next customer, you get to put the stressful internet stuff down and focus on what you’re good at. 

I started learning SEO in 2014 because I had an idea for a blog and online course I wanted to sell. I wasn’t getting very many visitors to my stuff. 

I got obsessed. 

I tried everything I could to make that website shine. I saw a small amount of success and it got me hooked. 

From there, I built a larger site that was more ambitious, and grew that one to 50k organic monthly traffic from Google, made thousands of dollars and sold it for a chunk of cash in 2019. 

I fell out of love with the niche. 

In the meantime I started more sites. I quickly realized Google was changing things. It was constantly updated with new algorithm updates and techniques faded. 

SEO is ever changing. And as long as the web or digital business exists, so will SEO. 

Throughout my journey I started helping family friends with their local business and realized it’s different, but only in a few ways. Maps, and localized service based websites took something different to rank. 

I helped my friend who had an escape room, I helped art galleries, planter manufacturers, a restaurant equipment repair company. I learned so much and fell in love with helping small business owners. 

I realized that I could make this into a career, but didnt know how to start a business on my own. So I threw out a few resumes and found out the demand is huge for my SEO skillset. 

I was hired and then headhunted and then headhunted for even more money again. I honed my skills on many different platforms and learned some very interesting things about SEO and marketing agencies over the last 3-4 years. 

They have no idea what they’re doing. 

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And the people who run the SEO at most companies are university graduates who can use Photoshop but has no idea how or what search engine optimization is. 

The thing about SEO is that it forces you to learn everything else about digital marketing. Copywriting, content creation, email marketing, design, conversion rate optimization, WordPress and several theme builders, web development, site speed, basic code, and more. That’s all on top of SEO which encompasses many of these areas. 

Generally business owners, like yourself, were getting fleeced by GoDaddy and Yellow Pages SEO for $3k/month for garbage. It was frustrating. 

Web designers were charging 100k sometimes for websites and then changing the URL structure and not 301 redirecting to new URLs and completely breaking a site’s existing presence. There’s even worse stories I’ve seen, and this is happening all the time with other agencies. 

It’s dangerous to trust the future of your businesses online visibility to someone who has never built up their own website traffic and made the the mistakes I’ve made.