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We help you get more calls, traffic, and leads.

We will increase the online visibility of your brand and get more eyeballs to see your business than ever before. 

About ME.

Hi, my name is Matt Edward. As an SEO expert, I help businesses like yours increase their online traffic and revenue by bringing qualified leads to your website.

Why Listen to me?

I've consulted and worked with hundreds of local businesses on their SEO. I've also built my own niche websites from the ground up using organic SEO strategies. 

Local SEO on over 150 Businesses: I have worked at large SEO agencies, small digital marketing agencies, freelanced, and consulted on over 150 local businesses since 2014. 

SEO Blogger: I built a massive blog that has received over 1 Million visitors since I started it. I wrote every article myself, which gave me a deep understanding of SEO content writing that has carried over to the Local SEO and eCommerce SEO space. I sold this site for thousands of dollars in 2019. I now have several other niche sites that earn me money every month. 

Online Course Creator: I created and sold an online course that has served over 3,000 students with a 4.9 star rating out of 5, and has earned a good 5-figures. I did everything myself, including YouTube SEO for the course, copywriting, designing the sales page, and driving organic traffic.

Website Afficionado: I have worked on a lot of different website platforms over the years including, WordPress, Squarespace, Webflow, Shopify, Duda, Custom sites, Wix, and more. I also have a lot of experience with many types of themes within the WordPress environment.

Technical SEO Wizard: Working on this many platforms has helped me learn how to work on websites safely without affecting current rankings, and game planning the proper SEO techniques without sacrificing the technical stability of the website. Website speed is right up my wheelhouse as well. 

Some nice things people have said about me:

Matt is a phenomenal asset to my business or any other business for that matter. He truly knows what he’s doing. I use Matt for SEO but he can do so much more. I’m continuously getting new client bookings and will continue to use his services for the long run. I highly recommend his company to grow any business no matter at what stage it is at.

I struggled with other marketing companies, either they promise all growth with nothing in sight. Since I have been with Matt, all I have seen is pure growth in my business.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from a very pleased customer!

We highly recommend Matt Edward SEO for your business SEO service. We have worked with other "SEO experts" in the past but Matt is the real deal. The experience was very refreshing. With Matt's assistance, we significantly improved our Google Maps listings. Now we show up in the top 3 listings! Because of Matt we rank for the most challenging keywords, and our web traffic has increase month over month since we started working with him. If you're looking for an affordable and efficient SEO service, we would highly recommend Matt.

Ez Granofsky