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32 Best SEO Keywords for Interior Design

By Matt Edward

September 15, 2022

The best SEO keywords for interior design are local keywords combined with interior design keywords. I use data to create a list of the best interior design keywords that will drive the most traffic and result in the most conversions for your business.

I was surprised during my research to find that so few interior design firms have done any SEO work. Many of the top firms were getting less than 500 new visitors every month. Strange since they would do jobs worth over $25,000.

There was a lot of organic traffic to be found, but is it the sort of traffic that the interior design customer wants? Is it the type of traffic people are looking for DIY ideas, or something else?

Some of these interior designers could benefit from implementing the most simple search engine optimization strategy for their interior design websites.

Here is my list of the best SEO keywords for interior design

Keyword Volume/month
interior design14800
interior designer2900
interior designer toronto1600
interior design styles1300
design scandinavian interior1000
interior designers1000
interior design vancouver1000
living room interior design1000
modern interior design1000
bedroom interior design880
house interior design880
interior designers near me880
scandinavian interior design880
calgary interior designers720
home interior design720
interior design calgary720
interior designer near me720
interior designer vancouver720
interior design ideas720
art deco interior design590
interior design edmonton590
interior design montreal590
interior design toronto590
kitchen interior design480
minimalist interior design480
industrial interior design390
interior design firms toronto390
japanese interior design390
retro interior design390
eclectic interior design320
interior design firms320
interior design consultants70

Search engines use these keywords to rank interior designer websites and you should take full advantage of these SEO tools available.

SEO for interior designers is as simple as optimizing your web pages for specific keywords that might help your customers find you. Whether they are generic search results or not, you can still get your interior design business in front of more eyes with the right digital marketing.

I’m blown away at the lack of keyword research, proper meta descriptions, and lack of high-quality content. Local searches on major search engines seem to be getting ignored completely.

About the author

Hi, my name is Matt Edward. As an SEO expert, I help businesses like yours increase their online traffic and revenue by bringing qualified leads to your website.

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